Setting up an S3 Blog Post

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Publli is a great CRM for simple static websites. I went through the setting up S3 part from their documentation, and voila, here I am on the interwebs!!

There are a few points I want to note.

  1. When you sign up for AWS, there is some s3 quota under the free tier, which hopefully keeps my bill at 0 initially.
  2. When you sign up, immediately create a new IAM user (as well as say an admins group) with full admin access, which gives you a little bit less `root` access.
  3. Relogin with this new user and then create a publii-user and a publii group as suggested in the docs. This user just needs programmatic access (so copy the access key and id immediately and do not share this with anyone). This new user should have full access to s3 (you need to set this).
  4. Create bucket (I would suggest because if you want to later use Route53, this will come handy. Not very necessary though, atleast the publii docs dont mention it.